Roles Played by Nicholas Chapman

Tony in A Civil Marriage (1969)
Richard Mainwaring in Tilly of Bloomsbury (1969)
Brindsley Miller in Black Comedy (1970)
Rakitin in A Month in the Country (1970)
Attorney in The Dumb Wife of Cheapside (1971)
Lucien in Romeo and Jeanette (1972)
Other characters in The First Night of Pygmalion (1972)
Dickson in The Judge (1972)
Barney Evans in Epitaph for George Dillon (1973)
Mr Hoggins in Cranford (1973)
Corder Morris in The Shop at Sly Corner (1973)
Viscount Goring in An Ideal Husband (1974)
Ah Fong in The Middle Watch (1974)
Arthur in The Happy Apple (1974)
Eggerson in The Confidential Clerk (1975)
Pedro in The Night of the Iguana (1975)
Inspector Martin in The Late Edwina Black (1975)
Eliot Nash in The Gazebo (1976)
Finch McComas in You Never Can Tell (1976)
Mr. Hennessey in And a Little Love Besides (1977)

(20 roles)

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