Roles Played by Mel Powell

Luigi in Can't Pay Won't Pay (2012)
Magwitch /A Sargeant in Great Expectations (2014)
Clown 2 in The 39 Steps (2014)
Sir Wilfred Robarts in Witness For The Prosecution (2015)
Hubert in Life x 3 (2016)
Hal in Writer's Block (2017)
Director of Flare Path (2018)
Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig in Doctor Scroggy's War (2018)
Sir William Arbuthnot-Lane in Doctor Scroggy's War (2018)
Burleigh in Mary Stuart (2018)
Director of Rabbit Hole (2022)
Director of Eventide (2022)
Props in Rabbit Hole (2022)

(13 roles)

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