Roles Played by Mary Wingate

Paddy, Garden-keeper in Collect Your Hand Baggage (1962)
Gillian Holroyd in Bell Book and Candle (1963)
Mary Carpenter in The Walrus and the Carpenters (1964)
Edna Selby in Harlequinade (1966)
Jenny in Hearts and Humours (1968)
Princess Isobel in The Marvellous Story of 'Puss in Boots' (1968)
Constance Damer in Tilly of Bloomsbury (1969)
Marcia in A Civil Marriage (1969)
Natalia Petrovna in A Month in the Country (1970)
Karen in The Anniversary (1971)
Assistant Director in Harvey (1972)
Ruth Gray in Epitaph for George Dillon (1973)
Lady Elizabeth Mulhammer in The Confidential Clerk (1975)
Mrs Elizabeth Almond in The Heiress (1979)
Stephanie in Ninotchka (1980)
Madam Ranevsky in The Cherry Orchard (1981)
Lavinia Chamberlayne in The Cocktail Party (1986)
Set Dressing and Properties in The Aspern Papers (1989)
Props in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1995)

(19 roles)

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