Roles Played by Mark James

Asst Stage Manager in Shut Your Eyes and Think of England (1989)
Backstage Crew in Teechers (1991)
Stage Manager in Steel Magnolias (1992)
Stage Manager in The Canterbury Tales (1994)
Stage Manager in California Suite (1994)
Seth Bede in George Eliot's Adam Bede (1994)
Stage Manager in Separation (1995)
Lights in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1995)
Various parts in Under Milk Wood (1995)
Sound in Not About Heroes (1995)
Donald Duck in Blue Remembered Hills (1996)
Other parts in Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell (1996)
Stage Manager in Separate Tables (1996)
Stage Manager in Old World (1997)
Bob Acres in The Rivals (1997)
Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night (1997)
Stage Manager in Quartermaine's Terms (1998)
Tony in Cider With Rosie (1998)
Tom in Sweet Sorrow (1998)
W.H.Auden in Once in a While the Odd Thing Happens (1999)
Smithy in Map of the Heart (1999)
Stage Manager in The Reluctant Debutante (1999)
Stage Manager in The Trial of God (2000)
Hatch in The Sea (2001)
Stage Manager in The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband (2001)
Stage Manager in Our Song (2001)
Gerald Nutley in I Thought I Heard a Rustling (2001)
in Florence Nightingale (2002)
Howard in Death of a Salesman (2002)
Bernard in Death of a Salesman (2002)
Bowers in Terra Nova (2002)
Simon in Peggy For You (2003)
Arthur in In Flame (2004)
Bill in Funny Money (2004)
James in In Flame (2004)
Gerardo Escobar in Death and the Maiden (2005)
Stage Manager in As You Like It (2005)
Osip in The Government Inspector (2005)
Stage Manager in The School of Night (2005)
Clarke in Gross Indecency (2006)
2nd Lieutenant Hibbert in Journey's End (2006)
Phil in An Experiment with an Air Pump (2009)
Godwin in Mary Shelley (2013)
Daniel Steinberg in Thin Ice (2014)
Greg in Sylvia (2018)
Sergeant Miller (Dusty) in Flare Path (2018)
Lieutenant Hardy in Doctor Scroggy's War (2018)
Corp.Clancy in Doctor Scroggy's War (2018)
Acaste in The Misanthrope (2019)
Stage Manager in Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry (2019)
Various characters in Almost, Maine (2019)

(51 roles)

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