Roles Played by Maisie Ditton

Madame Parole in My Three Angels (1966)
Lavena in The Marvellous Story of 'Puss in Boots' (1968)
Nurse in Romeo and Juliet (1968)
Mrs.Welwyn in Tilly of Bloomsbury (1969)
Ma Kirby in The Happy Journey (1970)
Mistress Julep in The Dumb Wife of Cheapside (1971)
Other characters in The First Night of Pygmalion (1972)
Rachel Stone in The Irregular Verb to Love (1973)
Miss Pole in Cranford (1973)
Lady Markby in An Ideal Husband (1974)
Ellen in The Late Edwina Black (1975)
Mrs. Hennessey in And a Little Love Besides (1977)
Mrs Frush in Thark (1977)
Maria in The Heiress (1979)
Mrs. Ashworth in Waters of the Moon (1979)
Prompt in The Sunshine Boys (1979)
Elizabeth in Gaslight (1980)
Emily in A Tomb with a View (1981)
Eugenie in Waltz of the Toreadors (1982)
Daphne Drimmond in There Goes the Bride (1983)
Mrs Lee in The Wrong Side of the Park (1984)
Lady Clementina Beauchamp in Lord Arthur Saville's Crime (1984)
Maud in Born in the Gardens (1984)
Marjorie in Just Between Ourselves (1985)
Asst Stage Manager in Thunder (1988)
Lady Proudfoot in The Noble Spaniard (1989)
Prompt in The Aspern Papers (1989)
Mrs Flint in This Happy Breed (1990)
Prompt in Agnes Of God (1990)
Prompt in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1995)
Miss Meacham in Separate Tables (1996)
Prompt in On Approval (1996)
Prompt in The Cemetary Club (1997)
Prompt in Map of the Heart (1999)

(34 roles)

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