Roles Played by Louise Kemplen

3rd Student in The Canterbury Tales (1994)
Pam in Sidelines (2002)
Props in Peggy For You (2003)
Stage Manager in Funny Money (2004)
Props in In Flame (2004)
Sarah in Female Transport (2004)
Production Secretary in As You Like It (2005)
Audrey in As You Like It (2005)
Marya in The Government Inspector (2005)
Props in The Lady From the Sea (2005)
Narrator, Soloist in Gross Indecency (2006)
Asst.Stage Manager in Sleuth (2006)
Stage Manager in A Day in the Death of Joe Egg (2006)
Props in Journey's End (2006)
Stage Manager in Caught in the Net (2007)
Asst.Stage Manager in The Importance Of Being Earnest (2007)
Co-director in New England (2007)
Stage Manager in Humble Boy (2008)
Bet in April in Paris (2008)
Renee in The Odd Couple (2009)
Bank Teller in Tom and Viv (2009)
Wardrobe in Good Things (2009)
Stage Manager in Art (2010)
Stage Manager in Damages (2010)
Ruth in Blithe Spirit (2012)
Stage Manager in A Few Good Men (2012)
Senior Chaperone in Grimm Tales (2013)

(27 roles)

This list includes roles under the name of Louise Kirtley.

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