Roles Played by Loretta Freeman

Props & Set Dressing in Blue Remembered Hills (1996)
Lydia in The Rivals (1997)
Olivia in Twelfth Night (1997)
Props & Set Dressing in Quartermaine's Terms (1998)
Marge in Cider With Rosie (1998)
Suzanne in Don't Dress for Dinner (1999)
Primrose, Asylum Inmate in Epsom Downs (2000)
Laura in The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband (2001)
Kathleen in Terra Nova (2002)
Asst.Director in Sidelines (2002)
The Woman in Death of a Salesman (2002)
Charlotte in Female Transport (2004)
Asst.Director in Funny Money (2004)
Bolette in The Lady From the Sea (2005)
Props & Set Dressing in The Government Inspector (2005)
Director of Journey's End (2006)
Viv in Tom and Viv (2009)
Woman in Messiah on the Frigidaire (2010)
Antonia in Can't Pay Won't Pay (2012)
Amy in Amy's View (2013)
Stage Manager in The Sociable Plover (2015)
Sonia in Life x 3 (2016)
Clare Beaumont in Daisy Pulls It Off (2017)
Director of Mary Stuart (2018)
Catherine of Aragon in Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry (2019)

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