Roles Played by Georgie Dover

Widow Knechtling in The Fire Raisers (1967)
Mrs Etto in The Hole (1967)
Alice in Relative Values (1967)
in How's the World Treating You [Act 1] (1968)
Tilly in Tilly of Bloomsbury (1969)
Clea in Black Comedy (1970)
Barbara Kilpatrick in The Bride and the Bachelor (1971)
Shirley in The Anniversary (1971)
Other characters in The First Night of Pygmalion (1972)
Martha in Cranford (1973)
Mrs.Couter in The Irregular Verb to Love (1973)
Margaret Heiss in The Shop at Sly Corner (1973)
Nancy Gray in The Happy Apple (1974)
Miss Mabel Chiltern in An Ideal Husband (1974)
Mary Carlton in The Middle Watch (1974)
Elizabeth in The Late Edwina Black (1975)
Matilda in The Gazebo (1976)

(17 roles)

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