Roles Played by Diana Wilkinson

Prompt in ()
Prompt in The Real Inspector Hound (1993)
Prompt in Laundry & Bourbon (1993)
Mrs Drudge in The Real Inspector Hound (1993)
Doctor in Shadowlands (1993)
Mother in The Canterbury Tales (1994)
Prompt in A Midsummer Night's Dream (1995)
Lady Matheson in Separate Tables (1996)
Ida in The Cemetary Club (1997)
Pierrot in Oh What a Lovely War! (1999)
Prompt in Peggy For You (2003)
Prompt in In Flame (2004)
Prompt in Female Transport (2004)
Prompt in The Government Inspector (2005)
Prompt in Gross Indecency (2006)
Prompt in New England (2007)
Prompt in Humble Boy (2008)
Prompt in The House of Bernarda Alba (2009)
Other Characters in The House of Bernarda Alba (2009)
Prompt in The Odd Couple (2009)
Rehearsal Prompt in Bouncers & Shakers (2013)
Prompt in Writer's Block (2017)

(22 roles)

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