Roles Played by Bill Corfield

Engstrand in Ghosts (1965)
Tucker Grogan in Invitation to a March (1965)
Arthur Gosport in Harlequinade (1966)
Don Lucas in Relative Values (1967)
Policeman in The Fire Raisers (1967)
Cobb in The Marvellous Story of 'Puss in Boots' (1968)
Edward Manners in Hearts and Humours (1968)
Mr Marigold in A Civil Marriage (1969)
Adrian Rylands in Tilly of Bloomsbury (1969)
George Bamberger in Black Comedy (1970)
Matvei in A Month in the Country (1970)
Director of Black Comedy (1970)
Director of The Anniversary (1971)
Jason Kilpatrick in The Bride and the Bachelor (1971)
Director of Harvey (1972)
Percy Elloit in Epitaph for George Dillon (1973)
Henry Ormonroyd in When We Are Married (1988)

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