The Company of Players (CoPs) - Hertford
Season: 2024-2025
27th September – 5th October 2024 at 7:45pm The Winslow Boy
By  Terence Rattigan
Directed by Jan Palmer Sayer

A young naval cadet is expelled for theft, but his father refuses to believe his guilt, no matter the cost. Fighting tirelessly for his honour, he pursues his case to the highest court in the land.



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Cadet Ronnie Winslow is expelled from the Royal Naval College, accused of stealing a five bob postal order. His father, refusing to believe his guilt and dissatisfied with the manner in which the investigation was conducted, demands a new inquiry.

The Winslow Boy is among Terence Rattigan’s best work, a drama of stately simplicity — the kind of well-crafted piece it’s easy to accuse of being dated, although in fact it surprises with its sharp interest in the media frenzy over an apparently trivial event… Although many of the story’s key incidents happen in court, we never see any location except the Winslows’ orderly drawing room in South Kensington. Instead of watching the legal to-and-fro, we focus on the human costs of doing the right thing. And those costs, for this family, are considerable.


I have some offers of backstage help, but I know I need somebody to volunteer for props, in particular!

Cast of Characters

Ronnie Winslow – age 14

Arthur Winslow – Ronnie’s father, 60s

Grace Winslow – Ronnie’s mother

Catherine Winslow – Ronnie’s sister, 30

Dickie Winslow – Ronnie’s brother, and Oxford undergrad

John Watherstone – Catherine’s fiancé, 30

Sir Robert Morton – Barrister

Desmond Curry – Solicitor, 45

Miss Barnes – Reporter, 40, a one-scene cameo

Fred – a tiny role, if anybody fancies a walk on!

Violet – a maid (any age)

The play will be staged in a thrust arrangement. We need to find a simple and convincing way of leading the audience through this two-year drama – each act is in two scenes and we will find a way to remind the audience of the time frame in a country preparing for war. As ever, what I really want is a bunch of actors who can convincingly create this family and its friends and associates and who can draw the audience right into the heart of the drama. Rattigan writes super roles; each character has his/her moment in the sun – the story of the outcome of the trial, for example, is given to Violet to tell.

Be there! – it’s a towering classic of the British stage, and one to really get your teeth into.

Auditions will be at The Little Theatre and will be relaxed group affairs with no need to prepare/learn any audition pieces.


Books are available from Jan or Derek. If you are interested in getting involved backstage, please telephone/email Derek.

Jan Palmer Sayer 07768 431870
Derek Palmer 07860 573896

Audition dates, times and venues
Monday 3rd June at 07:45 pm in the Main Theatre
Saturday 8th June at 10:00 am in the Main Theatre
Sunday 9th June at 06:00 pm in the Main Theatre

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