The Company of Players (CoPs) - Hertford
7th – 15th June 2024 at 7:45pm The Invisible Men
Original novel by  H.G. Wells
Adapted by  Laura Ilinca
Directed by Laura Ilinca
The Invisible Men is a fast-paced comedy, inspired by the original novel by H.G. Wells, adapted and directed by Laura Ilinca, and will be presented as a world premiere by The Company of Players at The Little Theatre in Hertford.

Jack Griffin, a wannabe scientist who dreams to discover the secret to invisibility moved in with his friends Mr & Mrs Hall a year ago, after his long-time marriage fell apart. Mr & Mrs Hall manage The Cock & Bull Inn, a very unoccupied inn, especially off season, situated in a postcard beautiful but otherwise uneventful little English village. Having little to do with their time, and lacking other bright ideas, they spend their days helping Griffin plotting silly, and frankly a bit creepy revenges against his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. What could go wrong? Not much, as Griffin is known around the village for his idiosyncrasies. Until one day, when two unexpected guests arrive at the inn, bringing with them an unknown number of secret agencies that seem to be quite interested in the invisibility business as well.


Nathaniel Hall
Cornelia Hall
Jack Griffin
Vladimir Ivanovich Rubbliov
Millie Holland
The Narrator


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