The Company of Players (CoPs) - Hertford


Husbands and Sons by D H Lawrence
Season: 2022-2023
11th – 18th November 2022 at 7:45pm Husbands and Sons
By  D H Lawrence
Directed by Jan Palmer Sayer
The wives and mothers of the village of Eastwood struggle to hold families and souls together in the shadow of the great Brinsley pit.


The Holroyds
Lizzie Holroyd, a miner’s wife
Charles Holroyd, her husband
Grandmother, Holroyd’s mother
Jack Holroyd, their young son
Blackmore, an electrician and friend of Lizzie’s
Clara, a woman from Nottingham
Laura, a woman from Nottingham
The Gascoignes
Mrs Gascoigne, widow of a miner
Joe Gascoigne, her youngest son
Luther Gascoigne, her eldest son
Minnie Gascoigne, Luther’s new wife
Mrs Purdy, a neighbour of the Gascoignes
The Lamberts
Lydia Lambert, a miner’s wife
Walter Lambert, a miner, Lydia’s husband
Nellie Lambert, her daughter
Ernest Lambert, their son
Maggie Pearson, Ernest’s girlfriend
Gertie Coomber, Nellie’s best friend
Joe Carlin a miner

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