The Company of Players (CoPs) - Hertford


Season: 2021-2022
4th – 12th February 2022 at 7:45pm Eventide
By  Barney Norris
Directed by Mel Powell
A love song, an elegy, a celebration: Eventide tells the story of three people whose worlds are disappearing.

‘Try and do something with your life. Be deliberate, you know?’

John is a landlord forced to sell up; Liz is a church organist who can’t get a gig; Mark takes what work he can just to pay the rent. Their tales unfold round the back of a pub hidden deep in the heart of the Hampshire countryside – a heart that doesn’t seem to be beating any more.

Barney Norris delivers a wonderfully poetic play looking at the lost chances and vanished dreams of a young generation.

‘An elegant and moving piece of writing, well crafted, subtle and layered, a play full of ache.’
The Stage

‘Up In Arms theatre company sets out to create plays that are ‘honest, human, affecting and revealing.’ With Eventide, Barney Norris has fulfilled the brief’
What’s On Stage

Libby Purves

‘A terrific three-hander’
Richard Brook


Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
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