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Season: 2009-2010
18th – 26th June 2010 at 8pm Damages
By  Steve Thompson
Directed by Barry Lee

Is a celebrity entitled to privacy or are they fair game for feeding time at the tabloid zoo?

Deep in the bowels of a tabloid newspaper office, the clock is ticking with only an hour left before the presses have to roll.

A controversial photo of a topless children’s TV star has mysteriously turned up. Who sent it? Why? And is it really all it seems? This sensational photo poses a moral conundrum, exposing deceit, lies and a darker secret that mustn’t be revealed at any cost.

“Damages” is a witty and contemporary (im)morality tale of power-hungry hacks, suicidal sub editors and razor-sharp lawyers, trying to put the past and the paper to bed.


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