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Season: 2006-2007
12th – 20th January 2007 at 8pm Strangers on a Train
By  Craig Warner
Directed by Jan Palmer Sayer

This brilliant psychological thriller, based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel, sees two young strangers met in the dining-car of a train; because they are strangers they say anything they like to each other. It transpires both have people in their lives that they would rather be without and so one of them proposes the perfect murder; he will kill the other’s cheating wife and in return wants to have his much-hated father murdered. So, a deal is agreed between them – or is it?

A tense gripping and original play.


Charles Bruno
Guy Haines
Elsie Bruno
Anne Faulkner
Frank Myers
Robert Treacher
Arthur Gerard


Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager

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