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Season: 2006-2007
15th – 23rd September 2006 at 8pm Journey's End
By  R. C. Sherriff
Directed by Loretta Freeman

First performed in 1929, this anti-war classic, set in the British trenches at St Quentin, is based on the author’s own experiences of the Front. Young Raleigh joins up and finds himself posted to the Company of Captain Stanhope; his idol from school. But Stanhope, promoted beyond his experience and years, has changed, and now faces the inevitabilities of the front line.

Journey’s End is filled with humour in the face of certain tragedy and is as much the story of its many characters as it is an observation on war.


Captain Hardy
Lieutenant Osbourne
Private Mason
Lance Corporal Broughton
A German Soldier
2nd Lieutenant Raleigh
Captain Stanhope
2nd Lieutenant Trotter
2nd Lieutenant Hibbert
The Colonel


Stage Manager
Production Secretary
Assistant Stage Manager
Props Assistant
Set Design
Set Dressing
Special Advisor

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