The Company of Players (CoPs) - Hertford


Company of Players - No Image Available
Season: 2005-2006
30th June – 8th July 2006 at 8pm God Only Knows
By  Hugh Whitemore
Directed by Graham Kilner

Four British holiday makers in Italy are enjoying a quiet game of monopoly on the terazza of their holiday villa in Tuscany when a screech of car brakes and a crash of windscreen glass heralds the arrival of Humphrey Biddulph. Dressed in pyjamas, slippers and an ungainly baseball jacket, Biddulph is a figitive employee of The Vatican and an expert in ancient manuscripts. He relates a tale that concludes that Jesus Christ was simply an itinerant Jewish healer and that the Resurrection was a carefully arranged fabrication. Biddulph disclosed his finding to the authorities and was locked up in a secure hospital from where he has escaped.


Humphrey Biddulph
Vin Coker
Kate Coker
Charles Minto
Eleanor Minto


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