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Season: 2003-2004
11th – 19th June 2004 at 8pm The Mysterious Mr Love
By  Karoline Leach
Directed by Barry Lee

A romantic thriller – an engagingly crafted two-hander begins as a period drama about a man who woos and weds plain young women who have little money, but soon becomes a play that twists and turns in many surprising ways until it reaches a chilling conclusion. Part romance, part psychological thriller, this cat-and-mouse game of a conman who preys on the ladies will keep you guessing throughout.

“an unusual mixture of period drama and a touching story of personal development.” – The Independent on Sunday.

Karoline Leech was born in Liverpool, UK. She has worked in the theatre as both actress and director. This, her first full-length, play opened in the West End in 1997.

Barry Lee is CoPs’ most experienced director. His last play Peggy For You swept the board at Hertford Theatre Week in 2003, winning the best play, the stage presentation award and the audience appreciation awards.


George Love


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