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Season: 1990-1991
A Doll's House
By  Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Tony Cole-Hamilton

Written by the “father of prose drama”, A Doll’s House is firmly seated in reality. It tells the story of Nora, wife of Torvald, who hides a secret for the sake of her husband, a man who relishes in her childishness and naivete.

During Torvald’s former illness, Nora took out a loan with a disgraced lawyer in order to pay for a trip to Italy so that her husband could recuperate. Nora’s been secretly paying back the loan via her housekeeping budget and own work, however, her efforts halt when her secret threatens to come out in the open. As the play progresses, Nora discovers harsh truths about her husband to which she was previously blind.

When it was premiered in 1879, A Doll’s House caused controversy amongst audiences due to its criticism of 19th century gender roles and marriage; however, its author is now hailed one of the founding fathers of Modernism in theatre.


Torvald Helmer
Dr Rank
Kristine Linde
Nils Krosstad

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