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Season: 1988-1989
When We Are Married
By  J. B. Priestley
Directed by Maggie Smith

A farce by J. B. Priestley, this play involves three respectable Yorkshire couples, who were married in the same church on the same day and are now gathering 25 years later to have a photograph taken for the local press. The Helliwells, Parkers, and Soppitts celebrate happily until the chapel organist, Gerald Forbes, reveals that a clerical error 25 years ago made their marriages invalid. All three couples now re-examine their commitment to each other; when the press photographer discovers that they are all legally married after all, Parker bribes him to keep the whole affair secret.


Ruby Birtle
Gerald Forbes
Mrs Northrop
Nancy Holmes
Fred Dyson
Henry Ormonroyd
Joseph Helliwell
Maria Helliwell
Albert Parker
Herbert Soppitt
Clara Soppitt
Annie Parker
Lottie Grady
Rev Clement Mercer


Stage Manager
Set Design
Set Dressing
Production Secretary

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