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Season: 1988-1989
The Aspern Papers
By  Michael Redgrave

In a once grand Venetian palazzo an old woman and her niece live in seclusion. An American publisher asks to leases some rooms, his purpose to unearth the mystery of a brilliant author who once loved the aunt. The old woman curtly rejects all inquiries. When she finds him going through the some papers he’s discovered, she has a stroke and dies. The lonely niece pathetically proposes to him, but he rejects her when she says she’s burned the papers. She locks herself up in the palazzo and then destroys the papers.


Assunta the maid
Mrs Prest - HJ's Friend
Henry Jarvis (HJ) a man of letters
Miss Tina/Miss Bordereau's niece
Miss Juliana Bordereau
Pashquale - HJ's manservant

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Adapted from the original novel by H.G. Wells
7th – 15th June 2024