The Company of Players (CoPs) - Hertford


Company of Players - No Image Available
Season: 1986-1987
By  Hugh Whitemore
Directed by Betty Janes

The delightfully eccentric bard of Palmers Green, Stevie Smith, commutes to the West End to her work as a secretary at a publishing company. Her evenings are spent at home with her beloved Aunt – a world of Battenberg cake, gossip, Ginger Nuts and sherry in tiny glasses. But at the same time as leading this seemingly mundane suburban existence, she is writing the piercing poetry and prose that will one day make her famous.

Hugh Whitemore’s award-winning play is a biographical snapshot of both the poet and the private woman, Stevie Smith. Shot through with wit, this is the story of a lovable heroine, her unconventional life, her ever-popular poetry and her greatest struggle: to keep Waving when she feels like Drowning.


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