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Season: 1985-1986
Habeus Corpus
By  Alan Bennett
Directed by Ray Newton

Mismanaged lust – mistaken identity – dropped trousers…’Habeas Corpus’ has all the ingredients of a classic farce, spiced with the warmth and humanity of Alan Bennett’s razor-sharp wit.

The antics at the Wicksteed home are a satirical merry-go-round. Family, friends and the sexual satisfaction of the “corpus” (body) are the ruling passions in this farcical comedy of ill-manners. Through a dance of mistaken identities and carnal encounters, one motto holds fast: “He whose lust lasts, lasts longest.”


Dr Arthur Wicksteed
Muriel Wicksteed
Dennis Wicksteed
Constance Wicksteed
Canon Throbbiing
Mrs Swabb
Sir Percy Shorter
Mr Shanks
Lady Rumpers
Felicity Rumpers
Mr Purdue

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By Peter Whelan
12th – 20th April 2024
Adapted from the original novel by H.G. Wells
7th – 15th June 2024