Arms and the Man
by George Bernard Shaw
8th - 15th October 1983
~ Directed by Roy Archer ~

Raina is young, beautiful, and madly in love with Sergius, a dashing young officer.

Sergius is the hero of the hour, leading a daring cavalry charge against impossible odds.

Bluntshchli is a battle-hardened professional soldier on the losing side.  On the run and desperate, he appears in Raina’s bedroom.  He has no weapon: experience has taught him chocolates are more useful than bullets.  Will she turn him in, and guarantee his certain death?  Or will she collude with the hated enemy, and find there is a great deal more to love and war than she first thought...

Shaw’s sparkling comedy takes a wry look at our illusions and ideals, with all the wit, vigour and romance of a golden-age Hollywood movie.

Maggie SmithCatherine Petkoff
Joan CrossleyRaina Petkoff
Eric ChorleyBluntschli
Jean EndeanLouka
Gerry JanesPetkoff
Keith MorbeyNicola
Barry LeeSergius
Richard HitchDesigner

With the help of the 'Monday Nighters', Loretta Freeman, Nigel Sadler