Alphabetical Order
by Michael Frayn
16th - 23rd April 1983
~ Directed by Ray Newton ~

The library office of the provincial newspaper where the action takes place is a scene of permanent and utter confusion - the cluttered chaos of the room being matched by the general life of its manageress, Lucy, and her associates, but it is also a scene of warmth and easy, if somewhat juvenile and irresponsible, light-heartedness. Into it somes Leslie, a new young assistant with a passion for organisation. In a very short while, she has transformed both the office and the lives of its ingabitants and visitors into something orderly and neat - and also arid and colourless. An announcement that the paper is to close, leads (in Leslie's absence) to a revitalising and glorious orgy of destruction and return to chaos, but Leslie can cooly cope with even this crisis - and Lucy is left smiling wryly at the second and final, "End of the Play".

Anna FowlerLeslie
Gerry JanesGeoffrey
Eric ChorleyArnold
Roy ArcherJohn
Jean EndeanLucy
Pat LeeNora
Lou MonzeglioWally
Richard HitchDesigner