I am a Camera
by John Van Druten
6th - 9th May 1964
~ Directed by Jan Fogarty ~

I Am a Camera is a 1951 play by John Van Druten adapted from Christopher Isherwood's novel Goodbye to Berlin, which is part of The Berlin Stories. The title is a quote taken from the novel's first page: "I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking."

Just before the Nazis ascend to power in Berlin, Chris, an aspiring novelist from England, meets flamboyant cabaret entertainer Sally Bowles  and an unusual friendship is born. As Sally feeds her extravagant tastes, Chris goes along for the ride, until their Jewish pal, Fritz, encounters trouble...

John CrozierChristopher Isherwood
Jacqueline RitchieSally Bowles
Norma CrozierFraulein Schneider
Robert FergusonFritz Wendel
Jobyna HartNatalie Landauer
Philip JacksonClive Mortimer
Joan ForresterMrs Walton-Courtneidge