Waltz of the Toreadors
by Jean Anouilh
17th - 24th April 1982
~ Directed by Margaret Hakansson ~

Set in 1910, this farce focuses on a retired general and the women in his life, including a highly dotty wife who never wants to leave her bedroom. "Exhilarating entertainment," said the New Yorker.

Joan CrossleyMlle Ghislaine
Mary FishMme St.Pé
Kate JanesEstella
Rebecca FowlerSidonia
Carlton EdwardsGaston
Gerry JanesDr Bonfant
Polly BishopMmr Dupont Fredaine
Maisie DittonEugenie
Keith MorbeyFr Ambrose
Anna BarnettPamela
Alan BarnsGeneral Leon St.Pé