by Ben Travers
5th - 12th March 1977
~ Directed by Jim Mitchell ~

His secret liaison with a shop girl is scuppered by his wife's early arrival home. What's more, there are reports that Thark - the family home - is haunted. Hector, his plucky nephew Ronny, and the rest of the family set out to the house to prove the rumours wrong. But Thark promises to live up to its spine-chilling reputation.

Ron CaveHook
Gill MillingerWarner
Penny BurrCherry Buck
Eric BrownLionel Frush
Maisie DittonMrs Frush
Tony Cole-HamiltonSir Hector Benbow
Rex HarleyRonny Gamble
Joan LeeLady Benbow
Sue BennettKitty Stratton
Barry LeeJones
Olivber HitchWhittle
Thomas KeohaneStage Manager
Peter StubbsLights
Michael FairlessSound
Karen HaleWardrobe
Susan HitchWardrobe
Mary HitchWardrobe
Richard HitchSet Design