Lady Audley's Secret
by Colin Henry Hazlewood and Mary Braddon
October 1976
~ Directed by Derek Forbes ~

When Lucy Graham weds the much older, aristocratic Sir Michael Audley, his nephew Robert becomes deeply suspicious of the lovely young woman's motives. To further complicate matters, Robert's dear friend George has gone missing, and Robert believes Lucy may be involved in his disappearance. As Robert attempts to discern the truth about Lucy's dark past, he cannot help but feel irresistibly drawn to her beauty and dangerous allure, creating a web-like narrative that is compelling.

J Eric DavidSir Michael Audley
Ray NewtonRobert Audley
Roger CookeGeorge Talboys
John LloydLuke Marks
Margaret HodgesLady Audley
Gill MillingerAlice Audley
Pat LeePhoebe Markes