The Middle Watch
by Ian Hay and Stephen King Hall
March 1974
~ Directed by Jim Mitchell ~

This comedy features battleship Captain Maitland celebrating a bon voyage party. He later discovers two stowaways, attractive young women, but much too late to turn back. Despite the captain's efforts to hide them, they are soon discovered, with predictable consequences.

Donald CameronCaptain Maitland
Tony Cole-HamiltonAdmiral Sir Hercules Hewitt
Gerry JanesMarine Ogg
Nicholas ChapmanAh Fong
Tessa RoseFay Eaton
Georgie DoverMary Carlton
Barry LeeCaptain Randall
Rosemary BellA guest
Martin PetcheyFlag Lieutenant
Eric BrownCommander Baddeley
Ruth SalthouseCharlotte Hopkins
Vi WellsLady Hewitt
Peter TowersAble Seaman
Trevor OakesCorporal Duckett