Romeo and Jeanette
by Jean Anouilh
May 1972
~ Directed by Joan Lee ~

An upper class youth brings his mother to meet his financee's lower class family, which consists of a hedonist father, a drunken son whose wife has left him, and another daughter, Jeannette, who has a bad reputation in the neighborhood. In that stroke that sometimes comes, the upper class youth and the younger daughter, Jeanette, fall passionately in love. They run away to a cabin, and here she dons a wedding dress given to her by a lover. To prove her suffering love for the youth, she cuts her wrists - just as word comes that the abandoned financee has taken poison. Some time later, on the day Jeannette is wed to her first lover, the upper class youth meets her again, and they drown together in an embrace in the sea.

Linda HumphreysJulia
Pippa LeeJeanette
Mel DavisMother
Donald CameronFather
Nicholas ChapmanLucien
Jack DavisPostman