The Misanthrope
by Moliere
25th January - 2nd February 2019
~ Directed by Paul Morton ~

Disgusted with French society where powdered fops gossip in code and bejewelled coquettes whisper behind fans, poet Alceste embarks on a one-man crusade against fakery, frippery and forked tongues. But could the woman he adores be the worst culprit of them all? And in this rarefied world will his revolution prove merely revolting?

Considered by many to be Molière's best work, The Misanthrope was first performed in 1666 in Paris by the King's Players. Following the huge successes of Tartuffe and The Hypochondriac master wordsmith Roger McGough once again dips his quill into a Molière classic in this mockery of manners and morals set amid seventeenth-century French aristocracy and written in verse.

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Liam EvansAlceste
Gavin PalmerPhilinte
Alex BraceOronte
Ashleigh HarperCelimine
Hannah LeonardEliante
Helen BuddArsinoe
Mark JamesAcaste
Stuart HandysidesClitandre
Andy HowellDubious
Ken AllfordLighting
Andrew CoystonLighting
Angela ReissProps
Kate McCagneyProps
Shelagh MaughanCostume
Tony MasonSound
PromptPippa Morton
Maddie LeeSound