The Anniversary
by Bill MacIlwraith
December 1971
~ Directed by Bill Corfield ~

Meet the mother-in-law: "She'll find your weakness and drag it round the room in triumph." Well, it's one way to welcome a newcomer to the family. Bill MacIlwraith's comedy recounts the gathering of three sons at their widowed mother's house, to celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary. Two come bearing surprises. Tom has arrived with his new fiancee, while Terry is planning to emigrate to Canada. Only elder brother Henry has nothing to reveal: with his public fetish for women's underwear, he has already exposed himself quite enough.

If the shindig that ensues makes Abigail's Party look refined by comparison, it's because mum isn't about to let her brood disperse without a fight...

Sheila MaunderMum
Michael RouseTom
Georgie DoverShirley
Gerry JanesHenry
Keith ThompsonTerry
Mary WingateKaren