by George Bernard Shaw
February 1988
~ Directed by Susan Hitch ~

Probably Shaw's most popular play, Candida recounts the love of young poet Eugene Marchbanks for Candida, wife of the Rev. Morell. Candida, one of the most remarkable women in dramatic literature, gives strength to her husband and teaches Marchbanks how to love.

Barbara PennellMiss Proserpine Garnett
David SentonRev.James Morell
Henry CollettRev.Alexander Mill
Roger CookeMr.Burgess
Joan CrossleyCandida
Oliver SentonEugene Marchbanks
Mike NewboldStage Manager
Betty Cole-HamiltonAsst.Stage Manager
Richard HitchDesigner
Gordon SummersSound
Peter StubbsLights
Mike Newbold & FriendsSet Construction
Betty JanesSet Dressing & Props
Margo LadellSet Dressing & Props
Angela ReissSet Dressing & Props
Mel AlberyWardrobe
Parm CraikWardrobe