by Terence Rattigan
25th March - 2nd April 1966
~ Directed by Keith Thompson ~

This is a one act play about a professional theatre company presenting Romeo and Juleit. The opening night is in the town of Brackley in the English Midlands. The principal characters are Arthur and his wife Edna (who play Romeo and Juliet) and the stage manager Jack. Arthur is horrified to be confronted by his grown up daughter (Muriel) and grandchild, neither of whose existences he had been aware of. To discover that he's a grandfather just before playing Romeo is too much for him. They later learn that he's still married to Muriel's mother (Flossie) and that he is bigamously married to Edna. There are a number of other threads running through this play, such as Jack's attempts to leave the theatre and do a 'real job' and the humdrum world of bit players and the attempts in post-war Britain to bring culture to the masses. It is a funny farce which has a strong satirical element.

Bill CorfieldArthur Gosport
Mary WingateEdna Selby
Pippa LeeJenny
Brenda BurtonDame Maud Gosport
Peter HoganJack Wakefield
Bill ManningGeorge Chuddleigh
Jack Davies1st Halberdier
Bill Wells2nd Halberdier
Susan HitchMiss Fishlock
Nikki JohnsonMuriel Palmer
Keith ThompsonTom Palmer
John CrozierMr Burton
Gay CatesJoyce Langland
Mike JohnsonPoliceman
Mark AshleyFred Ingram