The Marvellous Story of 'Puss in Boots'
by Nicholas Stuart Gray
30th December 1968 - 4th January 1969
~ Directed by John Robinson ~

Performed at Fanshawe School, with the help of Ware Dramatic Society.

A play about the legendary cat which brought his poor master great riches and the hand of the King's daughter in marriage.

Oliver HitchPage
Donald CameronOgre
Robbin PerkinsGeneral Diggory
Keith BriggsGerard
Mary WingatePrincess Isobel
Gerry JanesPuss in Boots
Bill CorfieldCobb
J. Eric DavidChancellor
Margaret DaviesJonette
Maisie DittonLavena
Desmond HarperKing
David RobinsonMouse
John RobinsonLion
Judy RobinsonCostumes
Ethel CroftCostumes
Donald MuirLighting