Map of the Heart
by William Nicholson
13th - 20th February 1999
~ Directed by Barry Lee ~

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Albie, dissatisfied with his life, decides to perform charitable work in the Sudan with his doctor lover, Mary, but his decision has damaging repercussions on those around him, especially his wife, Ruth. Whilst in the Sudan, Albie is held hostage leaving Ruth and Mary to poignantly take stock of their emotions.

David SentonAlbie Steadman
Joan CrossleyRuth Steadman
Emma MuirSally Steadman
Mike NewboldBernard Fisher
Dennis ButcherAngus Ross
Maggie NixMary Hanlon
Tony Cole-HamiltonAndrew Rainer
Davina FosterJune Armitage
Mark JamesSmithy
Simon LeeStage Manager
Susan HitchProduction Secretary
Ken AllfordSusan HitchLights
Andy HowellLights
Tony MasonSound
Jackie BeerProps
Pam CraikProps
Pippa CookeWardrobe
Carol ReastWardrobe
Jenny AllfordSet Dressing
Maisie DittonPrompt

Photos by Alan Barnes
Review by Catherine Henderson