Twelfth Night
by William Shakespeare
11th - 18th October 1997
~ Directed by Eric Chorley ~

Viola, disguised as a boy, goes to serve the Duke Orsino and falls in love with him. Orsino sends her to woo Olivia for him. Olivia falls for Viola's male disguise. Viola's twin, Sebastian, whom she thought was dead, returns and marries Olivia. Orsino realises Viola is a girl and marries her. Meanwhile Olivia's relatives and household play a mean trick on her steward, Malvolio, and try to drive him mad.

Russell VincentOrsino, Duke Of Illyria
Ashley MunsonSebastian
Graham KilnerCaptain Of Wrecked Ship
Paul MortonAntonio
Ray NewtonSir Toby Belch
Mark JamesSir Andrew Aguecheek
Eric BrownFabian
Jo BurnhamViola
Loretta FreemanOlivia
Shelagh RyanMaria
Jocelyn AddisFeste
Andy HowellValentine
Alex BlackCurio
Yorich CreelMalvilio
Kate FutcherOther Parts
Linda WaldronOther Parts
Heather FowlkerProduction Secretary
Gill NewtonStage Manager
Richard HitchSet Design
The MondaynightersSetbuilding
Pat LeeProps
Roz Saint ClareProps
Shelagh RyanWardrobe
Steve BeestonSound