The Rivals
by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
14th - 21st June 1997
~ Directed by Angela Reiss ~

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Wealthy captain Jack Absolute pretends to be poor officer Ensign Beverley to win the romantic Lydia in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's 1775 comedy, which also features such characters as oafish Bob Acres, temper-prone Sir Lucius O'Trigger and Mrs. Malaprop, whose frequent confusion of words and their meanings coined the term "malapropism."

Stuart HandysidesCaptain Absolute
Keith ThompsonSir Anthony Absolute
Paul MortonFaulkland
Mark JamesBob Acres
Eric BrownFag
Andy HowellDavid
Tony MasonCoachan/Servant
Loretta FreemanLydia
Pippa MortonJulia
Pat LeeMrs Malaprop
Roz Saint ClareLucy
Betty JanesProduction Secretary
Philip SheailStage Manager
Richard HitchSet Design
Peter StubbsSet Design
The MondaynightersSetbuilding
Rosemary ImrothProps
Jocelyn AddisProps
Polly BishopProps
Shelagh RyanWardrobe
Jean WalkerPrompt
Tony MasonSound
Wendy HoganSound
John GallopLights
Pippa CookeWigs

Photos by Alan Barnes