Old World
by Aleksi Arbuzov
8th - 15th February 1997
~ Directed by Betty Janes ~

Rodion is medical head of a sanatorium where Lydia is a patient, suffering from arteriosclerosis. She is clearly no ordinary patient and the play follows with warmth and gentle humour the mutual growth of interest and liking to lasting affection between two lonely people.

Carol MonzeglioLidya Vasilyevna
David SentonRodion Nikaolyevich
Mark JamesStage Manager
Claudia McKelveyProduction Secretary
Rosemary ImrothPrompt
Simon LeeLights
Andy LeeSound
Shelagh RyanWardrobe
Angela ReissProps & Set Dressing
Heather FowlerProps & Set Dressing
Jackie WilliamsProps & Set Dressing



Performer history:
Carol Monzeglio David Senton