Separate Tables
by Terence Rattigan
15th - 21st June 1996
~ Directed by Rosemary Imroth ~

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These two plays are set in a shabby genteel hotel on England's south coast. Except for the two leads in each (which may be doubled) the same characters appear in both. In Table by the Window, a down-at-the-heels journalist is confronted by his ex-wife, a former model who provoked him to the violent act that sent him to prison, destroying his future. Still in love, they nevertheless go through another terrible scene and it is the hotel manager, Miss Cooper, who helps repair their broken lives. In Table Number Seven, a 'self-made' army colonel without any true background and education to which he lays claim, finds solace with a spinster over the objections of her ruthless, domineering mother. When a sordid scandal threatens to drive them apart, Miss Cooper again comes to the rescue.

Anne WoolmingtonMabel
Diana WilkinsonLady Matheson
Pat SteadmanMrs Railton-Bell
Maisie DittonMiss Meacham
Hannah WilkinsonDoreen
Philip SheailMr Fowler
Maggie NixMrs Shankland
Cheryl NicholsonMiss Cooper
Graham KilnerMr Malcolm
Andy HowellMr Stratton
Emma MuirMiss Tanner
Frank ByeMajor Pollock
Shelagh RyanMiss Railton-Bell
Mark JamesStage Manager
Betty JanesProduction Secretary
John GallopLights
Steve BeestonSound
Jenny AldersonWardrobe
Jean WalkerPrompt
Jocelyn AddisProps & Set Dressing
Pam CraikProps & Set Dressing
Doreen NicholsonProps & Set Dressing
Richard HitchSet Design
Peter Stubbs, & The MondaynightersSetbuilding

Photos by Alan Barnes