Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell
by Keith Waterhouse
13th - 20th April 1996
~ Directed by Barry Lee ~

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Jeffrey Bernard, having passed out in the lavatory of his favourite pub (The Coach And Horses in Soho) awakes to find himself locked in the pub for the night. He resigns himself to spending the time with a bottle of vodka and an endless chain of cigarettes, narrating a story of hilarious anecdotes and witty reminiscences about the various characters who populate his present world and his past.

This is a play about friendship, failure and coming to terms with life. It is a portrait of a man - warts, vodka bottle and all.

Ray NewtonJeffrey Bernard
Claudia McKelveyOther parts
Emma MuirOther parts
Mark JamesOther parts
Graham KilnerOther parts
Andy LeeOther parts
Pet LeeProduction Secretary
Susan HitchPrompt
Ashley MunsonLights
Steve BeestonLights
Maggie NixWardrobe
Pippa CookeWardrobe
Jackie ClarkProps & Set Dressing
Heather FowlerProps & Set Dressing
Richard Hitch, Peters Stubbs & The MondaynightersSet

Photos by Alan Barnes