Not About Heroes
by Stephen Macdonald
February 1995
~ Directed by Betty Janes ~

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Dulce et decorum est/Pro patria mori, facetiously penned British poet Wilfred Owen, who was soon to die in the Great War. It is sweet and fitting to die for one's country. This moving play is about the poetic life and the inter relationship between two of the finest Great War poets: Owen who died and Siegfried Sasson who didn't. Told by means of letters and poetry, Not About Heroes paints a vivid picture of the war.

Chris JanesSiegfried Sassoon
Andy LeeWilfred Owen
Pippa CookeStage Manager
Pippa CookeWardrobe
Pippa CookeProduction Secretary
Simon LeeLighting
Mark JamesSound
Pam CraikProps and Set Dressing
Carol MonzeglioProps and Set Dressing
Heather FowlerProps and Set Dressing
Susan HitchPrompt

Photos by Alan Barnes


Performer history:
Chris Janes Andy Lee