Relative Values
by Noel Coward
4th - 6th May 1967
~ Directed by Lilian Harrison ~

Relative Values is a three-act comedy by Noël Coward. A satire of snobbery in all its guises, it deals with the clash of cultures between Hollywood stars and the English aristocracy, and with "the ancient and inaccurate assumption that, as we are equal in the eyes of God, we should be equal in the eyes of our fellow creatures."

It was first produced in London in 1951 with success, enjoyed several revivals and was made into a film in 2000.

Joan LeeFelicity
John RobinsonCrestwell
Vi WellsMrs Dora Moxon
Peter DruryHon. Peter Ingleton
Miranda FrayneMary Wingate
Lady Cynthia HaylingMaisie Ditton
Admiral Sir John HaylingBill Wells
Francis CourteneyEarl of Marshwood
Bill CorfieldDon Lucas
Georgie DoverAlice