The Playboy of the Western World
by J. M. Synge
April 1992
~ Directed by Lelia Kershaw ~

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This most famous of Synge's works fused the patois of ordinary Irish villagers with Synge's sophisticated rhetoric. It enraged Irish playgoers with its satire of Irish braggadocio. The play follows the mercurial rise and fall of the character Christy Mahon, whose self-reported murder of his father earns him much admiration until his father shows up alive and in pursuit of his cowardly son.

Chris JanesChristopher Mahon
Sarah WikinsonPageen Mike
Stuart HandysidesShaun Keogh
Jean EndeanQuinn
Alan GilmoreOld Mahon
Tony MasonMichael James
Michael HowleyPhilly Cullen
Graham KilnerJimmy Farrel
Jane StampSara Tansey
Katie CookeHonor Blake
Catherine MorganSusan Brady

Photos by Alan Barnes