by John Godber
October 1991
~ Directed by Ray Newton ~

Teechers is a play within a play, as secondary school students Gail, Hobby and Salty put on an end of year performance in their drama class. That performance, which tells the story of that last year in school, and in particular, the arrival and departure of their inspirational if unconventional drama teacher, Mr Nixon.

The three students each adopt many voices from school bully Oggy Moxon to Deputy-Head (and Deputy-Nully) Mr Bashford, from grumbling caretaker Doug to the ever optimistic Mrs Parry are each rendered in clear and comic voice.

Chris JanesSalty
Jo BurnhamGail
Jane PennettHobby
Brenda NeweyLighting
Guy RichardsonSound
Maggie SmithPrompt
Pat LeeBackstage Crew
Maggie NixBackstage Crew
Sandie CampbellBackstage Crew
Mark JamesBackstage Crew
Wendy HoganBackstage Crew



Performer history:
Chris Janes Jo Burnham Jane Pennett