The Birthday Party
by Harold Pinter
December 1989
~ Directed by Cathie Mulroney ~

With its enigmatic dialogue, unrevealed motives, and powerful suggestions of menace, the play is now considered one of Pinter's best and most characteristic works.

The story focuses on Stanley Webber who is the only resident at the boarding house run by Meg and Petey. One day they are visited by two sinister strangers, Nat Goldberg and Seamus McCann, who tell Meg that it is Stanley's birthday. They present him with a toy drum which he beats wildly. Stanley, who fears the two men, tries to convince them that he is someone else. Later that evening, they remove his glasses, harshly question him, and make him participate in a game of blind man's buff. The next morning, the men take a confused Stanley away. Petey watches them go, and later tells Meg what a fantastic birthday party it has been.

Tony MasonPetey Bowles
Pat LeeMeg Bowles
David SentonStanley Webber
Jane StampLulu
Lou MonzeglioGoldberg
Martin ClarkMcCann
Richard Henson and the Monday NightersSet
Peter ReissStage Manager
Peter StubbsLighting
Andy LeeSound
David RichardsonSound
Jackie WilliamsProperties
Gordon WilliamsProperties
Susan HitchSet Dressing
Pam CraikCostumes
Joan HodgesPrompt
Mel AlberyProduction Secretary