The Strange Case of Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde
Adapted by Laura Ilinca, from the original novel by Robert Louis Stevenson
Sunday 27th and Monday 28th December 2020
~ Directed by Laura Ilinca ~

It's been a long lockdown for everyone, and everyone's life has been affected. A group of friends from Hertford is struggling with the disappearance of their friend, Henry Jekyll and the appearance of a strange, unknown man named Edward Hyde in their life. It's very cold out there, in December, on the streets of Hertford...

Harry HardingHenry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Amy VinceBeatrice Hart
Darren BarsbyHastie Lanyon
Patrick SunnersGabriel Utterson
Josie MeltonThe Filmmaker
Alex BraceRichard Enfield
Charlotte Hepworth-BellFrances Enfield
Laura IlincaFilming
Richard MartinFilming
Riuchard MartinEditing
Jan Palmer SayerCreative Team
Derek PalmerCreative Team
Theo BerkhoutCreative Team
Chris SmithCreative Team
Angela ReissCreative Team