The following auditions are currently scheduled:

Mary Stuart

by Friedrich Schiller
directed by Loretta Freeman

Playing Dates

Friday 16th to Saturday 24th November 2018
(8 performances)

Audition Dates

Sunday 1st July 2018 at 2:00pm at The Little Theatre
Wednesday 4th July 2018 at 8pm at The Little Theatre

Schiller's play pits Mary, Queen of Scots against her rival Queen Elizabeth I. The meeting never happened but, as Goethe said, “It will be good to see those two whores alongside each other”. Schiller's Mary redeems her youthful crimes through an ordeal that lifts her into realms of spiritual serenity, while Elizabeth descends deeper into rage, revenge and deception.

Peter Oswald, himself a verse dramatist, has written this striking new version in a mixture of prose and poetry. It was first performed at the Donmar Warehouse in a production by Phyllida Lloyd, with Janet McTeer and Harriet Walter.

The Characters

Elizabeth Queen of England Any age as long as similar to Mary
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland A prisoner of England (any age as long as similar to Elizabeth)
Hanna Kennedy Her nurse (older than Mary)
Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester (similar age to Elizabeth)
George Talbot Earl of Shrewsbury (older than Elizabeth)
William Cecil, Lord Burleigh High Treasurer (older than Elizabeth)
William Davison Secretary of State
Amias Paulet, Knight Guardian of Mary (older than Mary)
Mortimer His nephew
Count Auberspine French Ambassador
Count Bellievre Envoy Extraordinary of France
O’Kelly Mortimer’s Friend
Melvil Mary’s house steward
Drugeon Drury Second guardian of Mary

11 actors in total, 3 women and 8 men (some smaller parts are doubled with larger)

Offers of backstage and technical help very welcome!

Scripts can be obtained from Loretta Freeman on 07808 174152 or