The following auditions are currently scheduled:

The Misanthrope

by Moliere, adapted by Roger McGough
directed by Paul Morton

Playing Dates

Friday 25th January to Saturday 2nd February 2019
(8 performances)

Audition Dates

Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 8:00pm at The Little Theatre
Sunday 30th September 2018 at 2pm at The Little Theatre

‘The Misanthrope’ is a fabulous play adapted by Roger McGough from Moliere’s classic comedy. It was first presented at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre in 2013. This adaptation is written mainly in rhyming couplets and tells the story of Alceste, the titular misanthrope, and his difficulties in deciding to turn his back on society’s conventions and be absolutely honest with everyone. The play was originally set in 17th Century France but this production will be set in the early 80’s New Romantic scene, so plenty of big hair and make up for both ladies and men! (It will also enable us to have a rocking soundtrack!) The script is very funny, but there is also lots of opportunity for comic business!

The Characters

Alceste (M)
(The Misanthropist)
A poet who doesn't so much hate mankind, as the dictionary definition would suggest, as hate the hypocrisy of society behaviour that encourages people to be overly friendly to people's faces while deriding them behind their back. He is obviously the main character in the play and is onstage for much of the time .
Celimine (F) Alceste’s amour, however she is a master of playing the societal game and finds his decision to turn his back on it difficult to deal with
Philinte (M) Alceste’s best friend and confidant, In love with Eliente
Oronte (M) A rival poet, very over the top, a complete antithesis to Alceste in his approach to society. He, like most of the male characters, is wooing/ in love with Celimine
Phyllis Kate's friend
Clitandre (M) and Acaste (M) 2 Marquis who are both wooing Celimine and detest Alceste for his rejection of societal norms
Eliante (F) Cousin to Celimine and in love with Alceste
Arsinoe (F) Also cousin to Celimine and in love with Alceste, should be a little older than Celimine and Eliante
Dubois (M or F) Alceste’s servant. Great comic role, he/she struggles to speak in rhyming couplets like the rest of the characters leading to some fun! To represent the class difference, we may make him/her a punk!

Scripts can be obtained from Paul on 07906 690082 or

Parts (NB I have noted whether they are male or female, Dubois could be either. Ages are very flexible!)