The following auditions are currently scheduled:


by Ronald Harwood
directed by Belinda Gee

Playing Dates

Friday 14th to Saturday 22nd June 2019
(8 performances)

Audition Dates

Thursday 10th January 2019 at 8pm at The Little Theatre
Sunday 13th January 2019 at 8pm at The Little Theatre

Cissy, Reggie and Wilf are former professional opera singers, living in a Home for retired singers and musicians. They are old friends who worked together many times. The highlight of their career was a production with another old friend, Jean, singing Verdi’s “Rigoletto”. The play opens as the three friends are struggling to find something to perform together at the Home’s annual Verdi’s birthday concert. Jean (who used to be married to Reggie) turns up unexpectedly as a new arrival at the Home. The intrusion of Jean, who refuses to revive the quartet with them, rocks the happy boat the three have been sharing and raises questions about the past.

This play is funny and poignant and much better than the film version. There are four characters, each having about the same amount of dialogue, each being a strong character to play. Although they are aged ‘over 70’, younger actors should not be put off auditioning! I will be looking for actors that look as though they might all be roughly the same age as each other.

The actors DO NOT sing, however, they DO mime. Rigoletto will need to be learned in Italian to be ‘performed’ confidently. Music, scores and vocal training will be provided.

The Characters

Cissy There are several remarks in the script about her size - not large necessarily but definitely not stick thin. She is in the early stages of dementia which she displays in a light hearted friendly manner, not always au fait with what is going on around her. Dresses comfortably.
Jean Tall and slender, Prima soprano who is haughty and selfish but also distressed and vulnerable. Relies on a stick whilst waiting for a hip operation Always very smartly dressed.
Wilf Rude and lecherous, content with life and ageing except for the lack of opportunities for sex. He cares very much about his friends, particularly Cissy, and his home. He also needs a stick on occasions. Dresses in a carefree, arty style.
Reggie Bossy, fussy and demanding. Lapses into sudden and aggressive name calling of the nurse because she doesn’t give him marmalade. Name calling done he immediately reverts to his placid self. Very careful about his appearance.

4 actors in total, 2 women and 2 men.

If you wish to audition but are not available for either date, please contact Belinda.

Offers of backstage and technical help very welcome! Contact details as above.

Scripts can be obtained from Belinda 07768 373866 or